Sponsored Archers

We are pleased for you to meet our sponsored archers for 2018.

Kai Thomas Prause


Personal Information:

Name: Kai Thomas-Prause

Age: 17

Current Equipment: 

Bow: PSE Xpression

Sight/Scope: Axcel Achieve CX Sight with a Mac Ten Zone Scope

Arrows: Easton X10 (Outdoor season) Easton X23s (Indoor season)

String make: Reign Bowstrings

Release Aid: Truball Sweet Spot Pro (3 finger setup)

Arrow Rest: Spot Hogg - The Premier

Stabilizer System: Easton Z-Flex with 9oz on the front rod and 15oz on the short rod

Current Club/Organization:

The High Weald Archery Club

Current Achievements/Rankings:

  • Ranked 1st in in Great Britain (Junior category)

  • Ranked 8th in Great Britain (Senior category)

  • Placed 8th in the World Youth Championships 2017

  • Ranked 6th in Europe for Compound Cadet Men

  • Current holder of a European record (50m round 3x72)

  • 3rd place in Archery GB Back2Back 2017

  • 2nd Place in Archery GB Indoor National Championship 2017

  • 3rd in Archery GB Outdoor National Championships 2017

  • Grand Master Bowmen

Current Personal Bests:

  • WA 50m – 694

  • WA 18m – 585

  • Indoor Compound Match – 149

  • Outdoor Compound Match – 147

  • WA 1440 – 1386

What are your 2018 ambitions?

  • I want to be selected for the GB team again this year for the 4th time. This year I want to go to the European Youth Championships in Greece.

  • I want to medal at the European Championships in 2018

Anything else you would like to say?

Why does Kai trust Aim Archery? - “Having firsthand experience in watching the staff at Aim Archery do what they do, with their comprehensive knowledge of any type of bow they can all give fantastic advice to customers from a beginner to a more experienced level. One of the key aspects of high level compound archery is the precision of equipment and I completely trust the staff at Aim Archery with my equipment, without their knowledge I would not be at the level I am today. Not only are the staff helpful and charismatic about the sport of Archery, the prices are competitively priced with the ‘price match promise’ policy. “

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Holly Hunter


Personal Information:

Name: Holly Hunter

Age: 15

Current Equipment:

Bow/Handle & Limbs: Hoyt Prevail 37 SVX

Sight: Sight-Axcel Achieve Carbon CX/

Scope: Shrewd Mini Mag

Arrows: Carbon Express X-Busters

String Material: Precision Strings & Cables

Tab/Release Aid: Truball Sweetspot 2 Ultra 4

Arrow Rest: Shrewd Remedy

Stabilizer System: Easton Contour CS

Current Club/Organization:

High Weald Archery Club

Current Achievements/Rankings:

National ranking (under 18): 11th

National ranking (under 16): 5th

Sussex ranking: 1st

Sussex indoor & outdoor champion

Junior Master Bowman

What are your 2018 ambitions?

Improve my national ranking.

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Gary Cole



Personal Information:
Name: Gary Cole
Age: 52

Current Equipment:

Bow: Matthews Halon X Comp - 60lb – 28.5” draw- R/H
Sight/Scope: Axcel Achieve sight with Axcel AX41 scope – 4 power Clear Targets Docs Choice lens
Arrows: Victory 3DHV 400 spine – 120 grain points – Bohning AIR Vanes – Beiter nocks
String Material: BCY X – Made by Precision Strings & Cables
Release Aid: Stanislawski Shoot-Off 3 finger
Arrow Rest: AAE Freakshow – long extension version – fitted with .010 narrow blade
Stabilizer System: Beestinger Hex & Beestinger Premier Plus – 30” long rod with 5 oz. – 15” side rod with 18 oz.
Stabilizer weights: Goatboy 30mm St/Stl

Current Club/Organization:

The High Weald Archery Club

Current Achievements/Rankings:

2017 British Veteran WA Field Champion
2017 “Shooter of the Year” award for 3DA UK archery in Known Distance event.
2017 2nd place in Known Distance British 3DA UK Champs.
2017 5th place in Unknown Distance British 3DA UK Champs.
2017 WA 3D selection shoot winner.
2017 WA World Champs in Avignon, France – 11th Place

Current Personal Bests:

3DA UK – Known Distance 3DA UK – Unknown Distance
Single Round – 212 Single Round – 224
Double Round – 416 Double Round – 448

Single Round – 512
Double Round – 1016

WA/AGB Outdoor Rounds
WA1440 – 1374
90m – 345
70m – 353
50m – 353
30m – 360 – 21X

WA/AGB Indoor rounds
WA18 – 587
Portsmouth -595

Field – 547
Hunter - 550

What are your 2018 ambitions?

Qualification for the GB 3D Team going to Gothenburg, Sweden. European 3D Champs 2018
To compete once again to the highest levels in the 3DA UK National Series shoots.
To maintain a high level of performance in all forms of competition archery.

Anything else you would like to say?

Huge thanks go to all of my sponsors for their continued support going into 2018.

Aim Archery

Matthews Inc.

Axcel sights

Precision Strings & Cables

Swarovski UK

Tom Howley Exquisite Bespoke Kitchens

The High Weald Archery Club

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Hanah Brown



Chris Horan, Ashford Archers


Personal Information:

Name: Chris Horan 
Age: 32

Current Equipment:

Bow: PSE Xpression.
Sight: Axcel Achieve CXL Tournament
Scope: Beiter 39mm Scope with a 0.62dpt lens.

Outdoor Arrows: Gold Tip Pierce Tour / Gold Tip Ultralight Pro.

Indoor Arrows: Gold Tip 9.3 Max Pro / Gold Tip Triple Pro.

Nocks: Beiter Hunter Pin Nocks.

String Manufacturer: Brite Strings – ‘Life’s Too Short to Shoot Dull Strings”

Release Aid: Tru Ball Fulkrum Flex / Tru Ball Abyss Flex.

Arrow Rest: Hamskea Hybrid Target Pro Arrow Rest.

Stabilizer System: Doinker Platinum Hi-Mod Stabilizers with Gripper Archery mounts.

Optics: Leupold Binoculars & PILLA Shooting Glasses.

Tuning & Maintenance: Last Chance Archery Bow Press with draw board attachment, Vane Master Pro fletching jig.

Current Club/Organization:

Ashford Archers.

Currently competing at WA Indoor, WA Outdoor, WA Field / 3D and IFAA Field.

Current Achievements/Rankings:

Represented GB at 2015 World Archery 3D Championships.
Member of Great Britain Field Archery Squad 2015.
Previous top 10 ranking in the UK National Field Archery Rankings.
Gold Medallist – WA Field Event at World Police & Fire Games, Belfast, 2013.
Silver Medallist – WA 3D Event at World Police & Fire Games, Belfast, 2013.
English National Field Champion, 2010.
2nd at English National Field Championships, 2008.
2nd at English National Target Championships, 2013.
KAA County Outdoor Target Champion 2009, 2012.
KAA County Indoor Target Champion 2011, 2017
KAA County Field Champion 2008, 2015, 2016.
Proud to have represented my County – Kent Archery Association for 10 consecutive years between 2009 and 2018.

Current Personal Bests:


WA Field Unmarked: 405
WA Field Marked: 390
WA 1440: 1350
WA 720: 677
IFAA Field Round: 546


WA18m: 586
Portsmouth: 593

What are your 2018 ambitions?

Throughout 2018 I will be found competing at events all over the UK on both the Archery GB and EFAA field tournament circuits.

My aim will be to improve on my 2017 national ranking placings, whilst working towards achieving and maintaining the required level of performance to qualify to represent Great Britain once again.

All of the above, whilst having lots of fun with great people at great tournaments!

Anything else you would like to say?

I am fortunate to have been involved in our sport for the past 21 years.
Over this time, the main piece of advice I have learnt, and would offer to any archer, is to ensure that your archery kit fits you and your needs correctly.

Too often I have seen archers purchase equipment with little advice or guidance, only for them to find the kit doesn’t meet their needs. They become despondent, and often leave the sport after only a short time.

My recommendation would be to always visit a local pro shop when purchasing archery equipment.
This is where Aim Archery excels in the UK archery market!

A shop with knowledgeable, experienced members of staff who will not only ensure the kit you purchase is right for you, but will also assist you in getting it perfectly set up and tuned. 
With their excellent price match promise, great finance options, and the ability to trade in unwanted equipment, Aim Archery is the place to head for all your archery needs!

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Kiera Henderson, Meridian Archers



Kiera is Currently shooting at County level, representing Sussex

Shoots and is Coached at the Archery GB Southern Academy 

Riser: Hoyt Excel
Limbs: Samick Universal
Sight: Avalon Tech One Carbon
Arrows: Easton X7
Tab: Soma Joomung

Gavin Sutherland, Worthing Archers


Riser - Win & Win AXT
Sight - Shibuya.  
Arrows -Easton X10 Arrows  
Strings -Precision Strings and Cables 
Stabilisers -win -win and Easton
Button - Bieter
Arrow rest -Shibuya.  
Personal Bests
90M-  319 . 70M- 333 
50M - 328 . 30M- 348 
Gents recurve Fita 1325 
Double Gents fita 2624
Fita 18- 581
Fita 25 -578.
Portsmouth 595
Double Portsmouth 1185. 
1995. Gold at African Archery champs in Zimbabwe.  
Twice Junior Zimbabwe Champs.  
2012 .3rd place UK INDOOR CHAMPS .
2013 .SUSSEX - field -indoor- outdoor champ.
2013 .2nd place UK BACK 2 BACK champs 
2014 .Gold at African Open Champs Egypt. 
2014 .Sliver at African Continental champs Egypt. 
Selected for English Archery Home Nations Team Indoors 2011-2012- 2013 outdoors team once.  
2016.5th place and Qualified for Rio Olympics at Continental African Champs  Namibia.  
2016 Represented Zimbabwe in The Rio Olympics.  

Marc Charlesworth

Riser: Win & Win CXT 25"
Limbs: Border CXB
Sight: Shibuya
Shibuya Ultima Arrow rest
Strings: Stephen Allen
Arrows: Easton A/C/E
Stabilisers: ARC-TEC
Club:  Young Archers of Angmering (Junior section of Arundown AC)
Junior Master Bowman, competing at local/regional/national level, represented England twice, shoots for Sussex, Rank  1st in Sussex,  Southern Counties Champion for age range, currently ranked  8th in the Under 16's age group and 15th in the UK under- 18's age group in Great Britain.