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    Black Bear is a one piece recurve bow designed to offer quality and performance at an excellent price. This bow is made with exotic red wood and black fibreglass.


    ○ Specifications 

    Length 58''

    Weights 25 to 60# (increments 5 lbs)

    RH or LH


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    1. Black Bear: killer shooter/hunter

      Had Ragim's for a while now. Best kept secret in archery today. Excellent bow. Nice full grip. Quick limbs, this is not a slow bow. If you tune it? It's smooth as silk and quiet. I have two of them. Set-up: 60X 14st B-50 string, calf hair groove dampers, retro plate and rest, beaver ball string dampers, custom rubber slip-on grip, brace: 7 3/8". It's deadly. Use one for for small game hunting, one for training. I'm a longbow hunter, they are all I shoot, but- this bow got me back into recurves. It's wicked. And it's cheap! If you can't score with this, a custom bow won't help. Just get one. I have two. AIM customer service is brilliant as well. on 15th Dec 2017

    2. Save yourself a fortune.

      I thought that the grip on the Ragim Black Bear was nicely cut and fits my medium to large sized hands perfectly.
      Being a wooden one-piece recurve, there is no padding around the grip, although not a major problem it just makes your bow hand feel a bit cold during the cold weather.There are tapes that can be bought to remedy this, I bought some physio tape that sticks to itself when you wrap it round, perfect.
      The appearance of the grip is pretty impressive for the price, the grain of the wood looks like it belongs on a bow three times the price of the Ragim.
      Nice curve in the handle, I have had no blistering or rubbing at all after the 600 arrows that I have shot so far.
      Overall very happy with the grip and handling.

      The riser has so far handled moisture and sweat really well, not affecting my performance at all.
      Cut-past-center shelf makes tuning the Ragim much easier, and allows for using most of the arrows that I own.
      I am currently shooting off the shelf, although you have to purchase your own leather and fur rest, I think it would have been nice if this came with the package, I told the friendly folks at Aim Archery this and they sent one out to me for free, This doesn’t come as standard so I thought it was a really good indicator of their excellent customer services
      Limb tips are reinforced and will accept any string you want to use, including FF Flemish which is what I have been using.

      My Bow included a Dacron string, which should in my experience last for about 12000+ releases depending on how you shoot and how often you wax the string.I wax mine after every three outings, although I am a bit obsessive.
      FastFlight strings can be used with this bow, and I would go for this option if you go for maximum speed and stealth.
      The bow does not come with a stringer, however I would advise buying one as stringing a bow without one is plain lunacy in my opinion.
      Great to aim and very comfortable to hold.
      When the string is released, the limbs don’t rotate left and right, which of course means better accuracy.
      No noticeable hand shock so far, but I am using very light arrows so can’t comment on heavier ones.
      There is some minor vibration, it’s very minimal and I am yet to find a bow without any at all, however it is so little that is doesn’t affect my shooting accuracy.

      Overall: there’s really nothing significantly negative to say about this bow, I think for a bow of this quality and this price you can’t go wrong.
      I would certainly go for this one over a Samick Sage for instance if I were after a low budget good performer.
      And I certainly wouldn’t pay 5 or six times this for a Hoyt cor example as I have shot a Hoyt and the difference in performance is negligible. So don’t succumb to the archery snobs. There is no better feeling than kicking the butt of someone with a £700+ bow, when yours cost just over a hundred. If you have problems with this bow with regards to accuracy, then I would suggest that you have either set it up incorrectly, or you need to practice more often, because you can’t blame it on this bow.
      Anyway, I recommend this bow for pretty much any level of archer to enjoy.

      on 17th Nov 2017

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