Oak Ridge Ickory 68" Longbow

Oak Ridge Ickory 68" Longbow

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    Oak Ridge Longbow 68"

    Right Haned/Left Hand from 30lbs-50lbs


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    1. Oakwood Ickory.

      Received the bow in excellent condition, as this is a Christmas present, I will not be able to shoot it till after Santa has been. The bow looks great, I am counting the days. on 23rd Nov 2017

    2. shooting with style

      Lovely looking bow. Excellent value for money. Draws smoothly. Recommended buy. on 31st Oct 2017

    3. Great bow

      Ordered the 50lb, though with my short draw I'm pulling 45lb. My current bow I draw 33lb of marked 35lb was expecting to still work up to be able to draw and hold, yet this is so easy and smooth to draw and can hold The 45lb with ease. The bow looks great, far more expensive looking than it's cost. Unimpressed with the string supplied with bow, all info have come across on the ickory bow gives brace height of 6.5", one mention of 6.5 to 7.5", string supplied with not one twist in it put the brace height at 7.3/4" way to short and as another reviewer mentioned centre serve was to central, giving the nocking point right at top of the serving. Don't believe this is Aim Archerys fault with supplied string that comes with the bow, but maybe they can check that the strings are a correct length. After ordering and waiting delivery of traditional Flemish twist from Flex, set brace at 6.5", bow shoots beautifully!, absolutely no hand shock or vibration and EXTREMELY quiet, as if its got a inbuilt sound suppressor. Had ready to fit some beaver puff string silencers which have on another of my field bows, as quiet as this bow is won't be needing them.
      As other reviews have mentioned this is a great bow to get into traditional archery with, certainly won't get a better bow at the cost Aim are selling them at. Hopefully Aim will get in the 55lb version.
      on 9th Sep 2017

    4. Great value entry level flat bow!

      I bought the 45 lb version of this bow from AIM Archery. It shoots very sweetly, and for an introduction to traditional style shooting, it seems ideal, and won't break the bank. It's certainly easier to shoot than my Korean horse bow (I've only formally been trained to shoot freestyle recurve). It's well finished, and pretty quiet to shoot, the quietest bow I own in fact. Hand shock is there, but string silencers help to damp it down, as would wearing gloves.

      The string supplied, a 16 strand Dacron, had a problem in that the centre serving was located absolutely centrally, not offset. This meant my nocking point was right at the edge of the serving. I was able to redo the centre serving, but if you're not able to do this then you could have a problem. AIM could perhaps take this up with the manufacturers. Other than that it was fine.

      If you buy this, I would recommend buying some limb tip protectors, to protect against accidental damage to the limb tips, a spare string, a longbow bag or cover to keep it in, some string silencers, and a spare hair arrow rest.
      on 3rd Aug 2017

    5. Oakridge ickory, good value flat bow.

      I've had chance to shoot this bow a little now and I'm quite impressed with it for its price.
      It is well finished and looks like it's more expensive than it actually is.
      Smooth to draw with no stacking , It's quite forgiving to shoot too compared to my recurves and I think it would be an ideal bow for a beginner to traditional archery.
      Add a couple of string silencers, don't set the bracing height too low and its a very sweet bow to shoot. Recommended !
      on 8th Jun 2017

    6. Oakridge Ickory 45# flatbow

      For the price this is a nicely finished bow. The woodwork is tidy with no rough edges and I do like the leather hand grip as it stops any slipping due to damp hands.
      Draws smoothly and quite fast at 45#.
      There was initially some hand shock but I've tuned this out easily using a couple of string dampers and getting the bracing height correct.
      Overall a very nice bow to shoot.
      on 4th Jun 2017

    7. very nice quick accurate bow impressed

      a fun bow i have some custom recurves but this is so much fun and easy to shoot.and for the money fantastic bow
      on 26th Apr 2017

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