Limb Exchange


So your a new archer, shooting recurve, what limb poundage should you go for?

Here at AIM as well as being archers all of our staff are qualified coaches or instructors. Our recomendation to you is going to be. Keep your first few sets of limbs from the entry level ranges, spend your money on a good riser and sight.

The chances are as a beginner you are going to want to increase the poundage of your limbs at least twice over your first year of shooting.

With this in mind we now offer a limb exchange programe, it's simple and applys to all limbs under £100.00.

We will take your used limbs back in part exchange against another set of limbs, we will guarantee an exchange price at 70% of your origional purchase price.



Exchange limbs must have been purchased from us, proof of purchase and origional price paid will be required.

Limbs must be in good usable condition, the odd wear mark is fine, limbs with cracks, chips, paint damage etc can not be exchanged.

If the limbs came as part of a package deal, we will calculate the exchange price according to our product knowledge.

Limb exchange can not be used in conjunction with other deals, promotions or price match.

The £100 limit applys to both the limbs being exchanged and purchased.