Archery Kits and Sets

If you are new to archery choosing your bow and equipment can be a nightmare, what fits with what, do you need extras, can I mix brands, it can be oh so confusing. So we have taken the hard work out for you with our ready built packages, we select the very best brands and components to suit every price point and level of archer. 

Packages A and B are always popular with those just starting out, maybe you have a large garden or are joining your local club. these trainer style bows are just the ticket.

Package Silver and Bronze are our most popular by far, designed for the archer who has just completed a beginners course and is looking to participate in the sport on a regular basis, Both packages contain everything you need at an amazing price.

Our Gold Package is based around the very successful SF Forged plus, this riser has constantly out sold every other for the last two years, this really is a bow that will take you to a high level within the sport of archery.

We offer three compound bow packages, these are both based around compounds of good quality that offer amazing adjustability, This makes them suitable for all archers. We will be more than happy to set your bow to your required draw length and poundage prior to sending.

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