For the Bow

Arrow Rests
Arrow rests are an essentual part of most bows, weather that be the Olpymic Recurve magnetic flipper type to the lizard tongue of the Compound blade type. You will find here exactly what you are looking for, and if your not sure on what you are looking for get in touch with our friendly team via one of our contact methods and they will be more then happy to advise you.

If you need a clicker this is where you will find them for recurve bows only. This should be used as an aid to your shooting to know that you have reached the correct draw. Once you hear that Click you should be ready to realese.

Having a button on your Olpympic recurve is a must have. They are a tuning device which in simple terms helps straighten your arrows out when you release the string. It is esstenual that your Button and Arrow Rest work together to let the arrow pass through as straight as possible. Hoewever we are not trying to eliminate the flex from the arrow we just need to create the correct amount this is why arrow spining is also esstential in archery.

In this category, you will find everything you need to assist you in Balancing your bow. This aids your release and the balance of the bow, by adding more or less weight you can get this spot on. The Stablisers other job is to also dampen the viberations from the bow. Stabilisation is a very induvidual thing and there is no golden rule to how this will work for you. We always suggest trying stabilisation to find what works for you. 

Sights, Pins & Scopes
Some people choose not to shoot with sights and prefer to shoot barebow. If this is you are in the wrong area of the website. Here you will find everything you need for your bows sight, weather you are shooting compound, or recurve we have it all for you, even those specialist compound hunting sights are also an option for you here.

A sight normally consists of a mounting block, which attaches the sight arm to the bow. Attaching to the sight arm we have a scale or a track, on the track we have a sight block which is when your pin or Scope will be attached.

Weather you require a pin or a scope will normally depend on if you are shooting compound (scope) or recurve (pin). The power of the scope is an induvidal thing to the archer if you are not sure what you are after we normally suggest starting with a lower power as induviual lenses are avabilbe if needed. Once again if you require assistance in purchasing a scope then do not hesistate to contact us.

Strings & Materials
Purchasing a string is an essential item to any bow. Without it the bow will be imcomplete and unusable. Most strings are sold in Bow length, so if you required a string for a 68" bow this is what you should be looking for. However what you will end up with is a string approx 65-66" this always the limbs to be put under the tension required. The way to check if this is correct would be using the bracing height.

Some people require more then one string or who would like more then one string. We would always suggest that you use your two/three strings in rotation so they are all shot in and ready to go if one should break.

We also have the avability for custom sting orders, please get in touch for more infomation,

This category also shows items such as string materials fast flight, 8125, 8190, end loop serving and middle serving from brands such BCY, Brownell etc.

Compound Bow Parts
We all know that archery requires spare parts for our bows or even aftermarket parts. Here you will find cable slides, grips, cams all for your compound bow. If you require anything that is not listed here please get in touch and we will do our best in finding you the part you are needing to fix your bow or just improve it. We also offer a fitting and tuning service at an addiotnal cost.

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