For the Archer

Training & Exercise

Looking to strengthen your back, arm and sholder muscles whilst your away from the shooting line. Then here you willl find a range of products to help you do such a thing. There are also aids for when you are using your bow to help with Grip such as the Neet True Shot.

Quivers & Bowstands

Although not an essentiual piece of kit. A quiver and a bow stand are very good items to have. The quiver allows you to have your arrows on your waist and you are not constantly leaning down to pick them up out of the ground quiver. Also most quivers have other compartments for your other items, such as puller, tab score pad so they are very handy to have, also keeping you very organised. Having a bow stand allows you to have somewhere safe to rest your bow when you are not shooting, collecting arrows or having a natter. Saving your proud possesions from being on left on the floor or you having to carry it around. Everything from, a compound bow stand to recurve we have it all.

Release aids, Tabs & Gloves

In this category you will find everything you need for your hands. Release Aids for the compound archer, anything from a wrist release to a back tension hand release. Barebow tabs to Brass Cordovan tabs from AAE and gloves perfect for any traditional archer or if you are a recurve archer and prefer the glove! We have it all. We always say come and try items such as these as they are a personal item to the induvidaul archer, something that might work for someone else wont work for you. If you need advice on anything in the online shop just get in touch and we will do everything we can for you.

DVD's, Books & Magazines

After some late night reading material, well youve come to the right part of the website. Here we have a selection of books, magazines and dvds for you to enjoy, giving you that fix you might need when you are away from the line.

Arrow Pullers, Tassells & Lube

Pull your arrows out with safety - these are not an esstentual part of your kit however it is definatley recommended for Allminium/Carbon arrows as Carbon spliters may course some trouble.

Arrow lube is an assistant for releasing the arrow from the target. If your arrows are constantly getting stuck in your targets make it a little easier to release them and pop some arrow lube on the end.

Bags, Cases and Boxes

Looking for something to carry and protect your archery kit with. Here you will find a various series of Rucksacks with many compartments and sections for your recurve. You will also find carry cases for your compound and recurves. And also Hardcases/boxes which offer a harder protection for your kit. There are various sizes for different bows etc, lockable and sturdy, some with airport certifaction. What ever your looking for we have a case for you.

Slings, Arm & Chest Guards

Slings are the perfect aid for you to help to loosen the grip. This is your main connnection with your bow, this will stop your bow hitting the floor as you should always have a loose grip on the bow so you are not torking the bow in anyway. This can play havock with your aim.

Your arm guard can be as big or as small as you wish it to be. Made from Plastic, Lycra or Cotton like material they all do one thing protect your arm from the string. If you are hitting your arm a lot we would advise looking at your grip on the bow and assess how you are holding the bow.

Chestguards are exaclty what they say on the tin, they are a chest guard. They can also be useful just for keeping that extra bagginess of your jumper out of the way of your string. Sizing of these are just like a t shirt sizing most have some adjustment in them never fear. If you can come into Aim you can try them on for size and fit.


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