Archery Sets & Kit
Here at AIM we have a range of archery kits and sets to help make buying a bow easier. Some kits come ready made from the manufacturer. Some we make up in store selecting the best items possible.
We can always add more to your kit or change certain items if you would prefer a specific brand. Our product knowledge means we can advise you on the perfect matched combination.
Every archer is catered for from junior to adult and for all bow types. If you can’t see a kit that seems to suit your needs then just give us a call and we will be happy to put one together for you.
So take the shot, getting started in archery couldn’t be easier!

Recurve Bows
The most popular style of archery in the U. Recurve will be the bow you tried whilst on holiday or had ago with at your local country fair. If you have just completed your beginner’s course then chances are you have been shooting a recurve.
Recurve suits all archers as many different sizes and strength are possible

Compound Bows
Extremely accurate and very technical, there is no dark art to shooting a compound and never let anyone tell you it’s easy. Your target gets smaller and your scores higher, however the competition just gets harder.
With a let off up to 80% it is possible to hold the compound for much longer at full draw. This is down to the cam systems fitted to these bows. This can also be a benefit to those with injuries, or younger archers struggling to reach distance.
All the gear! Well yes you will need that with your compound, sights with scopes, peep sights, release aids, arrow launchers, the list goes one. If you like your kit or you’re a bit of a tackle tart then compound is for you.

Traditional Bows
Let you instinct take over and get back to the basics, a bow made from traditional materials, wooden arrows, and a leather glove. No sights here just shoot how you feel you should.

Affectionately known as the bent stick, not these days, we have archers that take this so seriously they have a different bow and arrows for every distance they shoot. We sell entry level bows suitable for those that want to give longbow a go.

Horse Bow
Originally shot from on horseback, these great bows are so much fun to shoot and beautiful to look at. We supply Hungarian handmade Toth bows; these replicas are high quality and very good to shoot. Alternatively go for that traditional style with a modern take by considering a SKB50 from Samick.

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